• Identity Theft: Facts and How to Protect Your Child’s Money

    Identity theft has made continual headlines in recent years, but the victims of this crime aren’t just adults—many are kids. As a parent, protecting your kid’s identity is critical because of the serious ramifications theft can have on their financial security. Why You Should Worry Criminals are using the boom in technology to their advantage, […]

  • Keeping Your Child’s Identity Safe

    Just about every parent or guardian has heard horrible stories of identity theft. What many parents and guardians don’t realize, however, is that children are far more at risk for identity theft when compared to adults—parents sometimes miss the fact their child’s identity has been stolen because it can be more than a decade before […]

  • Watch out! Ways Kids Get Defrauded

    Scammers have been around since…well, pretty much since the time people had anything they thought was valuable. Modern scammers don’t just target adults to get money. They go after kids, too. To teach your child how to avoid fraud, you first have to grasp ways companies and individuals trick your kid into spending more than […]